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Exuberant | Addictive | Sensual

Karacious by Tiara Personal Hygiene is an indigenous Indian Perfume brand established in the beginning of August 2022.


The unique bottle, whose color reminds you of the sky at dawn, hides a fragrance composed with a vision of light at the heart of a desert. 


Karacious makes you dive deeper than the surface of it's aroma, to create your own story with the help of your own sacred smell. It touches your inner sense, your soul helping you unexplore the unique fragrance we all have within us and that’s the aura we all carry.


Karacious Perfumes have the invisible power to command the love of many, creating sparks of what one desires, intoxicating the power of self. It gives a warm sensation of feeling special, strong and beautiful. It makes you flirt with your own memories of love & intimacy, crossing all barriers of age or gender.


Karacious perfumers are Artists who have developed their own signature perfumes with a goal to process everything this world has to offer in the form of fragrances that settle down in your heart, knowing the language beyond mankind - the language of Love.

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