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Exuberant | Addictive | Sensual

Karacious by Tiara Personal Hygiene is a captivating and unique Indian perfume brand that was established in August 2022.


Karacious focuses on creating fragrances that go beyond just a pleasant scent, aiming to evoke emotions, memories, and a deeper connection with the wearer's inner self, our perfumes are designed to help individuals explore their personal stories and evoke a sense of individuality and aura.

The imagery of the perfume bottle's color resembling the dawn sky and the fragrance being inspired by a desert's light speaks to the commitment to creating a sensory experience that goes beyond the ordinary. The concept of "unexploring" a unique fragrance within oneself and tapping into the aura one carries implies a strong emphasis on personal identity and the power of scent to evoke emotions and memories.

The notion of Karacious Perfumes having the power to command love, spark desire, and strengthen one's self-esteem is an interesting way of highlighting the emotional impact of fragrances. The idea that the perfumes help people connect with their memories of love and intimacy suggests a deep emotional resonance with the scents we offer.

Karacious have a strong focus on creating fragrances that are not only beautiful scents but also powerful emotional triggers, connecting individuals with their inner selves and their memories in a unique and personal way.

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