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Exuberant | Addictive | Sensual

Karacious by Tiara Personal Hygiene is a home grown Made in India perfume brand established in August, 2022.

​Perfumers at Karacious are artists who foster creativity and inspire to design visionary and revolutionary bouquet of fragrances, developing signature perfumes with the goal to conquer the world with aromas that linger in your mind and soul.

There is deep thought gone into the finest detailing of each fragrance with no age and gender barriers, in unique packing that have the invincible power to conquer attention and fantasy. Create your own story with our sacred fragrances with a sensation of feeling special, strong and beautiful.

At the world of Karacious join us to explore the unique fragrances of our wide range of perfumes which truly reflect your personality, inner senses and different moods.

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